ASH Thailand Encourages Thai People to Express Their Support for 85% Graphic Health Warning During Loi Krathong

ASH Thailand Encourages Thai People to Express Their Support for 85% Graphic Health Warning During Loi Krathong

On November 17, 2013, on the Thai holiday of Loi Krathong, ASH Thailand encourages the Thai people to make a wish for the passage of the 85% pictorial health warning and, ultimately, for the lives that will be saved by the regulation. To make this wish, supporters can visit and/or share photos on Facebook at


Prof.Dr. Prakit Vathesatogkit, Executive Secretary of ASH Thailand, says that Loi Krathorn is a great opportunity for the Thai people to send hopes for a good life and good health. ASH Thailand encourages Thai people to make a wish for good health at and on Facebook at People can do so from Today through November 17.


Today, Thailand is being sued by the tobacco industry, which has prevented the 85% graphic health warnings from becoming law. This development has made the governments of other nations hesitant to adopt similar graphic health warnings. Participating in the Loi Krathong activity will strengthen public support for the 85% regulation and other tobacco control measures. These measures benefit the Thai people by protecting them from tobacco-related disease and death.


Dr. Prakit also said that including larger health warnings on tobacco products is effective for decreasing smoking rates and educating people about the addictive quality of tobacco.  In addition, this measure is important for protecting the health of smokers and non-smokers alike. Finally, we hope that the Thai people will help each other to reduce tobacco-related deaths in Thailand, which now amount to 50,700 deaths per year, and to reduce smoking rates among Thai teenagers. Currently, roughly 2,200,000 Thai teenagers are addicted to smoking.





Written  by Churunee Pichayakunmongkol, ASH Thailand

Translation by David Wurzburg, ASHThailand