Indonesia Will Sign the FCTC

Indonesia will soon ratify the deal control cigarette trade called conventon Framework on Tobacco Control (FCTC). FCTC is a convention designed the World Health Organization (WHO), contains a number of adverse effects smoking control measures, either in the form of tariff and non-tariff. Indonesia is the only ASEAN country that has not signed the FCTC.

A total of 172 countries have signed the FCTC. Among the populous nation and largest tobacco producer, only Indonesia has not signed. Other countries that have not signed, among others, Andora, Eritrea, Monaco, Somalia, Turkmenistan, Zimbabwe.

Indonesian government has should signed the FCTC, because Indonesia is a country which is involved in setting up the FCTC.

Ministry of Health Nafsiah Mboi said, “I optimistic about the tobacco industry would not reject the treaty because the deal was not banned cigarette production. Arranged especially regarding restrictions on the sale and promotion of cigarettes.”